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"Thank you very much for the cooking lesson yesterday and more importantly for showing how to produce a lovely meal. I guess the thing that I loved most about it all was that you completely demystified any disillusions I had about cooking a roast dinner and therefore made it seem like something I could recreate at home without too much stress!

I learned some things I did not know before for example, prepping the meat with garlic and rosemary, using your palm to work out how cooked the meet is, not to defrost things outside a fridge or in water (ooops!) and how extra virgin oil should mostly be used as a dressing (oops again!)

I thought that the pace of the session was great and you succeeded in getting everyone involved to help out which made it more fun! I thought that your pitch, pace and articulation was clear and easy was us to understand and follow what you were doing. I think the size of the group worked well so that we could all see what you were doing and to interact - infact I think more than 10 people might lose the atmosphere a bit?

It was great having the recipe for each dish available so that we could annotate or make notes where necessary."