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A classically trained chef in London and Europe, Chicky Hampshire completed her apprenticeship with one of Sydney's elite catering companies, spent the next 15 years working for two of the top-tier corporate board rooms in Sydney, as well as working for many private families as a chef. She has owned and operated her successful catering business, Chicky Hampshire Catering, for the past 17 years. She concentrates on remaining informed and educated about the best practices in Catering, Nutrition and Client Service by studying Natural Science and Nutrition, and most recently obtained a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. and has been teaching essential cooking in community colleges for the last 3 Years.

“My motivation in establishing Kitchenbench Cooking Classes came from years of catering for my varied clients in their private homes and offices. They frequently came into the kitchen and were fascinated to know how I made a dish, the techniques involved and where I sourced my ingredients frofm. While there are many fantastic cooking schools available, I have found that so many people would prefer to learn in the ease and comfort of their homes, using their own kitchen equipment”